Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Anatomy from the medicinal Leech (hirudo medicinalis)

The medicinal leech (lat. hirudo medicinalis) is related as worm to the earthworm. The leech became smaller an oval cross section at the two body ends. At the two ends is in each case a suction cup. The suction cup in the back, serves the leech only for holding. The suction cup contains the mouth opening in front.

In the mouth the jaw those is appropriate for 3 approx. 80 lime denticles has. The three radially arranged jaw have approx. 80 fine lime teeth. At each suction cup is a nerve ring. The body is flattened and consists of 33 segments. The back is dark green and has at both sides ever 3 brown longitudinal strips. The leech does not possess a brain.

For surviving the leech needs a damp environment, since it would drain otherwise. In the time of sheding its skin, the leech is unpowered because of this work.

In the water the leech induces itself like a dolphin, ashore uses the leech its suction cups to progressive movement. The leech supervises the water movements in the water, to which it recognizes potential victims.