Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Natural Hirudin

1. Natural Hirudin Lyophilized Powder (NHLP)
NHLP is made from materials of leech saliva by using the modern high-tech separated and purified technology. It is a low-molecular-weight polypeptide which is composed of 65~66 amino acids, and it has great activity in inhibiting thrombin, expanding blood vessel and lowering down blood pressure. NHLP is the most powerful natural anticoagulant known up to now and can directly penetrate the barrier of the blood vessel. It is suitable for producing injection, capsule, oral liquid and cosmetic.

2. Polypeptide Hirudin Powder (PHP)
PHP is made from fresh and hygienic materials of leech by using modern high-tech processing technology. It contains 18 bioactive polypeptides and can be easily absorbed by the human body. PHP holds the effective bioactive component of natural leech and has the efficacy of preventing diseases. It is the ideal material of manufacturing pharmacy capsule and drink which can prevent & cure heart and brain diseases.

3. Polypeptide Hirudin Liquid (PHL)
PHL is made from materials of leech saliva by using modern high-tech processing technology. It holds hirudin, prostaglandin, plasmin and several bioactive materials which are extracted from the saliva of leech. PHL is suit for producing oral liquid.

4. Protein Nutritious Congee (PNC)
PNC is made from the materials of proteins which is extract from leech by mixing with corn. The amino acids and polypeptide in PNC can promote the absorption of nutriment. Taking PNC with water blow 60℃ for a long time is good for health and can promote the digestion of intestines and stomach.