Friday, October 12, 2007

How to Add Chemicals to the Bath Treatment

Before applying chemicals double check the chemical you are using, the concentration to be delivered, and ideally, two people should independently calculate the amount of chemical to be added. Proper calculation of concentration is contingent upon accurate determination of volume of water to be treated. If you are uncertain as to the volume of water to be treated take the time to measure the size of the pond or container so that volume can be accurately determined.
Addition of chemicals to water containing fish must be done carefully so that all the chemical is mixed uniformly throughout the water column. If the chemical is not thoroughly mixed, "hot spots" (areas of high concentration of chemical) may be formed which can damage, or kill, fish. To ensure uniform application, dry chemicals can be dissolved in water prior to, or during, application. In some ponds, aerators can be used to help distribute chemicals throughout the water column. Personnel handling chemicals should be encouraged to wear protective clothing.

Sick fish are often weak and may not tolerate chemicals at the concentrations recommended. Never leave fish unattended during treatment. Nets and other equipment used to handle sick fish must be sanitized before being used again.