Saturday, September 29, 2007

Anatomy of BloodFeedig

Leeches are best known for their bloodfeeding habits and for their use in medicines.
When a leech is attached to your skin, it does not necessarily start feeding straight away. First it has to find a nice soft place to feed from that has to "taste" just right. The palm of your hand for example, it not really a good place for them since the skin is usually quite thick. Medicinal leeches have three muscular "jaws", one dorsal and two ventrolateral jaws, each of which has a row of fine "teeth" or denticles on it. By moving those jaws back and forth across your skin, they make a fine incision and cut the underlying capillary beds, thus causing blood to pool.

The resulting wound from a leech bite is not very large, and nor is it very deep. However, because of the circular oral sucker and because of the arrangement of the three jaws, it does provide you with a rather prestigious Mercedes-Benz-like mark on your skin! Leeches, of course, don't spend a good deal of time looking for humans to feed on. After all, we don't really spend a great deal of time in the water so a leech might wait a long time.


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